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Core Practice Areas

Mertzlufft Law practices in the four areas of intellectual property law: patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. In addition, Mertzlufft Law can assist with preparing or responding to cease-and-desist letters or demand letters, IP licensing and negotiations, pre-litigation review, and litigation support.

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Mertzlufft Law can assist with determining whether to apply for a utility patent or design patent for an invention or design, determine whether to apply for a provisional patent, apply for patent protection, and assist with enforcement of patent rights. Mertzlufft Law can also assist with freedom-to-operate opinions, infringement opinions, non-infringement opinions, and patentability opinions.

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Trademarks can strengthen a brand by protecting against confusion over the source of goods or services. Mertzlufft Law can assist with considering and applying for trademark registration and assist with enforcement of trademark rights.

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Copyrights can protect creative works like code, promotional materials, lyrics, books, articles, and more by providing control of distribution and reproduction of a creative work. Mertzlufft Law can assist with considering and applying for copyright registration and assist with enforcement of copyrights.

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Trade Secrets

Trade secrets can protect inventions, processes, business procedures, and more that shouldn't be made public. Mertzlufft Law can assist with establishing a trade secret by advising on steps to take to protect it.

Need to apply for a patent?

Patent law is complex and nuanced. Get experienced assistance in the various aspects of preparing, filing, and prosecuting patent applications.

Utility Patent Applications

Protect new & useful inventions.

Office Actions

Respond to USPTO communications.

Allowance & Issue

Go from "Allowed" to "Granted."

Provisional Patent Applications

Get time to develop an application.

Information Disclosure (IDS)

Fulfill the duty to disclose.

Prosecution Extension

Request continued examination.

Design Patent Applications

Protect new & ornamental designs.


Request review of decisions.

And more . . .

Handle complexities and nuances.

Mertzlufft Law can also take over at most points in the process if you've already started. Contact the firm immediately if you need assistance.

More Business Services

Beyond providing assistance in obtaining protection for intellectual property, Mertzlufft Law can also assist with bringing intellectual property to the market.

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Intellectual Property Portfolio Management

An intellectual property portfolio can shed light on what intellectual property a business has, keep it organized, and enable quick reference. Mertzlufft Law can create and manage a business's custom portfolio of intellectual property.

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Business Formation

Mertzlufft Law can assist with choosing a business form, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC), or corporation (C-Corp or S-Corp). Mertzlufft Law can also assist with the preparation of paperwork to get started.

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On-Call Intellectual Property Counsel

With this service, have an IP attorney on-call to take intellectual property questions as they arise.

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Contracts & NDAs

Mertzlufft Law can review or prepare a contract or non-disclosure agreement (NDA), or assist with IP-related due diligence for a contract or business deal.

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Licenses & Assignments

Mertzlufft Law can assist with intellectual property transactions, whether a transaction is the purchase, sale, or licensing of intellectual property, whether the assignment or license is standalone or part of a corporate deal.

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Josh Mertzlufft Patent Lawyer

Joshua D. Mertzlufft

Patent Attorney, Founder

 +1 (716) 202-0495

Bar Admissions
  • New York
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office
  • J.D., University at Buffalo School of Law
  • B.S., Applied Physics, Houghton College

About Joshua

Joshua is an intellectual property attorney and counselor. An entrepreneur himself with a background in physics and a penchant for learning how things work, Joshua loves helping inventors, entrepreneurs, and creators consider and secure protection for inventions, brands, and creative works. He has experience working with startups, small businesses, large companies, independent inventors, and universities on an array of domestic and international intellectual property matters. With his physics background and experience as an engineer, Joshua is able to work with inventors, creators, and businesses in fields including:

  • Mechanical Inventions
  • Nanotechnology
  • Software, AI, & Computer Programming
  • Electronics
  • Blockchain, Crypto, & DeFi
  • Thin Films
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Optics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Heat Exchangers & Process Systems
  • Materials Science
  • Manufacturing Processes

Prior to founding Mertzlufft Law, Joshua began work as a patent attorney with Buffalo, NY's largest law firm. He graduated from the University at Buffalo School of Law with a concentration in Intellectual Property and Privacy Law. While there, he researched legal questions related to blockchain and crypto, was the Editor-in-Chief of the Buffalo Law Review, and was an internationally-ranked oralist in the Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court. Before attending law school, he was a mechanical engineer in the energy and heat transfer industry and trained in Lean Six Sigma.