Patent Your Brilliance.

Experienced IP firm serving growing companies nationwide to bring innovation to market.

The Journey Starts

You Solved a Problem

There’s something about the spark. You know it because you’ve experienced it. You saw a problem, which you may have recognized years ago or just yesterday. Maybe others recognized the problem too.

Then you solved it.

How Can You Monetize?

Patent Your Solution

Patents provide a limited nationwide monopoly on an invention. Patents can be used to monetize the time, effort, and capital invested in your solution. Top startups know the importance of investing in patent assets early.

Leverage Our Experience

Patents Are What We Do

We are IP operators on our clients’ frontlines using lean principles to provide elite and efficient IP services, teaching how to navigate IP, and communicating every step of the way.

Communication is a priority to us, so we don’t bill for phone calls or emails.

Our mission is to provide elite, effective, and efficient intellectual property services to firms creating the future.