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Mertzlufft Law PLLC Announces New Website

Louis Sullivan wrote in 1896, “form ever follows function.”1Louis H. Sullivan, The Tall Office Building Artistically Considered,  Lippincott’s Mag. 403, 408 (March 1896). We’ve taken a hard look at what function a brand and website designed around invention should provide. We are excited to share some changes we’ve made.

Mertzlufft Law PLLC is proud to announce the launch of our new website, titled “Invent.” Accounting for the needs of inventors and companies seeking to procure patent protection, we have designed our website to provide answers to the important questions an inventor, company, or attorney colleague may have when seeking counsel.

Furthermore, we recognize that there is growing industry demand for pricing transparency related to patent prosecution.2For those unfamiliar with the term, patent prosecution, it’s is the area of legal practice encompassing the preparation and procurement of patents. Patent prosecution pricing is often a black box with an inability for inventors and companies to predict even a ballpark cost for filing an application. Many inventors and company representatives from various backgrounds have made known a desire for predictable flat fee arrangements for preparing and filing patent applications. With these considerations in mind, we have made the decision to list base prices for preparing and filing each type of patent application we handle on our website. We hope this listing lends guidance to the oft-asked question “how much does a patent cost?” These can be accessed on the Pricing page.

The listed dollar amounts may be used as a base for a custom quote, which can be obtained at the present time3Stay tuned for more on this! by giving us a call.

We’ve also made the decision to include the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office “small entity” application filing fees4When referring to filing fees here and on our pricing page, we refer to the combination of the basic filing fee, the search fee, and the examination fee., which most independent inventors, as well as small and medium businesses pay, in the listed base prices. If a company is not able to qualify as a small entity (e.g., it has more than 500 employees), undiscounted patent office filing fees may be obtained in a custom quote from us. We hope that this feature proves helpful for inventors and companies of all sizes.

The website update is accompanied by the announcement of our logo. We’ve opted for a clean look, with a double-checkmark to communicate our brand.

We hope that visitors to our website—whether inventors, company representatives, or attorney colleagues—find it helpful in both its ease of use and in the information provided. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Happy inventing!