Firm’s Capabilities Expand to Include Patent Litigation in Federal District Court

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Attorney Mertzlufft Admitted to Western District of New York Federal Court

BUFFALO, NY September 12, 2022 2:45 P.M. — Attorney Joshua Mertzlufft was admitted to the Western District of New York federal court this morning. With this admission, Mertzlufft is officially authorized to provide patent litigation services to clients throughout the entire case lifecycle.

Regarding the matter, Mertzlufft said, ”I am happy to continue enhancing the services Mertzlufft Law can provide clients with this addition of federal district court capabilities. Now, Mertzlufft Law can handle patent litigation cases from initial infringement inquiries through to trial and beyond.”

Patent litigation is exclusively the domain of federal law. As such, patent cases all begin at federal district courts. Admission to federal court is a prerequisite to representing clients through the trial stages of patent litigation. Such admissions occur after, but distinct from, admission to a state bar.

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