Firm’s New Workflow Upends Business of Patent Procurement

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Patentflow is a new mobile-first patent procurement workflow aiming to disrupt the way entrepreneurs get started on the patenting process.

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Patentflow is a new mobile-first patent procurement workflow aiming to disrupt the way entrepreneurs get started on the patenting process.

BUFFALO, N.Y., Nov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Entrepreneurs have access to a new way to get started on the patenting process. The patent pending web-based workflow, called Patentflow, is accessible on Mertzlufft Law PLLC’s website starting today from any modern device and provides a process for inventors and entrepreneurs to obtain customized pricing online for patent application preparation and filing from anywhere in minutes.

“Whether in the boardroom, the office, the coffee shop, or the field, a timely understanding the cost to have a patent application filed is critical for making business decisions regarding intellectual property,” said Joshua Mertzlufft, patent attorney and Principal at Mertzlufft Law PLLC. “It’s important for entrepreneurs to have rapid access to the information needed to make business decisions regarding the inventive process.”

Patentflow collects basic information from the prospective applicant to provide a customized price and order form.

To utilize Patentflow, a prospective applicant provides basic, non-confidential information about themselves and the invention. Patentflow then automatically presents pricing for preparing and filing a patent application for the invention. Patentflow finally provides a customized order for patent application services based on the generated price for electronic signature and submission.

In the legal industry, initial pricing inquiries can be met with a request to arrange a meeting to gain an understanding of pricing. “Given the speed of innovation, that has to change,” said Mertzlufft. Patentflow reverses the “hold a meeting, then share pricing” model by providing entrepreneurs with pricing information up front.

Mertzlufft added, “Automation inventions have long been increasing quality and efficiency of service in many industries—Mertzlufft Law aims to bring these benefits to the inventive process itself with Patentflow.”

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