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Do I Need a Patent Attorney Near Me? The Answer May Surprise You.

Selecting a patent attorney should be done before or very early on in the startup process. Limiting yourself to patent attorneys within your state is unnecessary. Registered patent attorneys can practice patent law nationwide, so it’s more about whether a patent attorney is a good fit with you, your invention, and your business.


How To Patent An Invention For Free

Don’t fall for the “poor man’s patent” legend. Learn why, and how relying on this legend can harm you, your business, and your invention.


How Long It Takes to Get a Patent

Patents generally take 2-4 years. Starting early is crucial, and the time it takes to get a patent works well for investment, enforcement, and exit strategies.


What Is A Patent Claim?

Patent applications are tricky to write, and most of a patent application exists to support the patent claims.

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